Children learn about greener technologies and eco-living

Press release, 21 March 2014

On Friday 28 March, a lucky few school children in Lancashire will visit a ground-breaking eco-housing development to learn about greener technologies and eco-living.

The pilot initiative – organised by Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR), with assistance from Lancaster Cohousing and local organisations – will see children from a local school tour super-insulated eco-houses, see renewable energy technologies at work, and find out about eco-living in general. There will be hands-on activities such as making model water turbines and ‘insect hotels’.

In particular, the children will learn about:

  • The factors that make a home warm, comfortable and environmentally friendly;
  • Greener energy technologies, including solar hot-water panels, solar electric (photo-voltaic) panels, hydro power plants, and heating from sustainable sources of biomass;
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of travel, including electric cars, bicycles and car-sharing;
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of food; and
  • Helping local wildlife.

Event co-ordinator and Vice-chair of SGR, Dr Jan Maskell said, “This is a great opportunity for school children to learn about the science and technology of greener living. We plan to organise more of these events in the future.”

SGR contacts


1. SGR is an independent national membership organisation of over 900 natural scientists, social scientists, engineers, IT professionals and architects. It was formed in 1992. SGR’s work is focused on several issues, including climate change, sustainable energy, security and disarmament, and who controls science and technology? For more information, see /

2. Lancaster Cohousing is the community organisation responsible for developing 41 high-specification eco-homes, community facilities, and workspace in Halton near Lancaster. For more information, see

3. This event has been rescheduled from 21 March.

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