SGR Conferences

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) organises a conference roughly once a year (in the autumn) on issues of concern related to science, design and technology.

Keynote speakers are leading researchers/commentators in their field, and the event also includes SGR's Annual General Meeting, together with poster sessions or workshops.

This section of the website includes reports of previous conferences. Links to conference presentations and related material are provided where available.


The SGR Conference and AGM 2003 took place at the Friends Meeting House, London; 13 September 2003. Presentations included:'The Risk of Nuclear Terrorism' by Dr Frank Barnaby, Oxford Research Group; and 'An End to the UK's Nuclear Weapons' by Prof John Finney, British Pugwash Group/ University College London


SGR discussion meeting

University of London Union; 10 November 2002

Main presentations:
'Science, Knowledge and the Public Good' by Dr Nicholas Maxwell, University College London
'Introduction to the Convention on Knowledge' by Dr Mae Wan Ho, Director, Insitute of Science in Society

Summary by Patrick Nicholson


Seminar organised by the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES) in co-operation with SGR and Dept of Peace Studies, Bradford University. This seminar was arranged so that member groups of INES could discuss security issues in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. In particular it was focussed on discussing alternatives to militarisation, including conflict prevention, disarmament and peace in the context of sustainable development.


SGR Conference and AGM 2002

Friends Meeting House, London; 27 April 2002

Main presentation:
'What Does Society Need Science For?' by John Ziman, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Bristol

Workshops: How Should Science Be Funded?; Biotechnology and the Influence of Vested Interests; Science Communication - should scientists listen more?


SGR Conference and AGM 2001
(Part of a conference organised by Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, and Yorkshire CND)

Leeds University; 4-6 May 2001

Summary by Patrick Nicholson, Philip Webber, Alan Cottey and Yunus Yasin



SGR Conference and AGM 1998

Mary Ward House, London WC1, November

Main presentations:
'Biotechnology and the Social Responsibility of Science' by Dr Mae-Wan Ho, Reader in Biology, Open University
'Genetically Modified Foods - What's the Problem?' by Prof Derek Burke, Former Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes

Workshops: Genetic Engineering; The Climate Train to Kyoto; Transport and Climate Change; Getting SGR better known

Summary by Dani Kaye, Alan Mayne, and Stuart Parkinson



SGR Conference and AGM 1997

Mary Ward House, London WC1; 15 November 1997

Main presentation:
'A Richter Scale for Risk?' by Prof John Adams, University College London

Workshops: Climate Change - the track to Kyoto; SGR and Grassroots Activity; Non-Lethal Weapons

Summary by Alan Mayne and Philip Webber


SGR Conference and AGM 1996

Mary Ward House, London WC1; 16 November 1996

Main presentation:
'Climate Change - The Inter/Intra-National Politics of Contraction and Convergence' by Aubrey Meyer, Global Commons Institute

Workshops: Toxic Legacy - Military Bases; Wings of Death - Low-Level Radiation; SGR Policy 2000

Summary by Dani Kaye and Alasdair Philips



SGR Conference and AGM 1995

London; November 1995

Main presentations:
'Science and the Environmental Ethic' by George Monbiot, Oxford University
'The Natural Step' by Dr David Gladstone, The Natural Step

Workshops: Science Matters; Ethics Guide; Electro-Magnetic Fields and Health